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The Barka DNA


Faouzi melts salvaged and out-of-fashion silver pieces using a 100-year-old oven.



Today we have six stores in and around Tunis and a sprawling team of highly skilled artisans that include silversmiths, engravers, chasers, spinners, jewelers, designers, and more. We specialize in silver and are committed to spreading the work of Tunisia’s most experienced artisans around the world.



To make the world fall in love with Tunisian silver crafts.



To become the world’s online marketplace for silver.



In a country where the rich tradition of crafts-making has been overtaken by modern mass production, we like to think of ourselves a bastion for the handmade professions. It takes an incredible amount of mastery and time to make things by hand, but it makes a big difference in terms of the quality of the final product, and we want to prove that to you.



Barka means “blessing” in Arabic and at BarkaStore we count our blessings one by one:

 The gorgeous age-old tradition of Tunisian silver jewelry making out of which our work evolved.

The community of boundlessly creative silversmith that we’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with over the years.

The continual gift of inspiration and artistic ambition that has sustained our efforts day-in and day-out.

The mastery and skill it takes to fashion handmade crafts using the most rigorous jewelry-making techniques.


And the list goes on. But at Barka we also believe that every blessing we receive comes with an imperative to give of ourselves. And that is why we’re committed to paying forward what we have been given. With that in mind, the goals we are working toward include:


Maintaining a standard of excellence that carries on the tradition of Tunisian silver handwork  in its very best form.

Growing our community and helping new generations of silver artisans develop.

Nurturing our gifts so that we can provide our clients with a silverwork that is never anything less than exceptional.