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Bringing the Bouzid family business online was by no means an individual effort. Many people volunteered their time, knowledge, networks, and homes.


We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to Business Strategy professor Houda Ghozzi  who never hesitated to offer guidance whenever needed and access to her contacts. Her relentless support to our work continues to push us to go further.


In addition, we would like to thank French literature professor Saida Zouari for being the first person to encourage us to go online and develop the concept. She laid the foundation for the well-researched stories about traditional Tunisian silver-crafts that we hope to share with the world.


Sofiane Gargouri, partner at Global Assurance Services did an admirable job under a tight deadline in verifying our legal documents to get approved by SSL providers. 


 We're also deeply indebted to Ahmed Zoghlami, who was beyond generous with his time and knowledge.


We are also enormously grateful to the Garnaoui family and especially their daughter Feriel for so generously opening their home to give us a location to photograph our home décor items.


Finally, a shout out goes to Khaled Ben Jilani, executive partner at AfricInvest, for opening up his community to us.