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Our Silver Ethics



Silversmith Faouzi melt sterling silver in a clay graphite crucible to about 890°C. 



Silver was always the precious metal most abundantly available to the villagers of Tunisia’s rural regions who have long rejected its economic function, preferring to make of it a medium for artistic expression, a surface on which to etch the whims and dreams of their free-spirited lives.


We’re proud of this tradition, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to carrying its torch, especially since many of the traditional processes for working silver are in danger of being lost. Part of our task is to preserve and enrich the techniques of our ancestors, and pass them on to future generations.



Taoufik Sakka, veteran filigree specialist setting in front of his medina atelier. 




Each piece in the BarkaStore is as singular as the artisan by whom it was worked, carved, sculpted, polished, assembled, and set. Into each piece the artisans have poured their expertise as well as a sizeable portion of themselves.


The artisanal silver trade is a labor of patience and meticulousness. A delicate touch, expert technique, and fine attention to detail mark the creation of every piece of jewelry that we make and lend each one its own personality.


We want the world to love Tunisian silver jewelry like we do, which is why we are expanding from a collection of stores in Greater Tunis to a global but family-owned retailer of the finest Tunisian silver crafts.