Rayhana-Ambergris Necklace With Openwork-Dove Pendant

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This necklace features a pendant with a finely engraved openwork dove whose image has been etched into the silver surface using the ancient technique called Namli. The necklace chain is made of rayhana silver-wire loops and fragrant juxtaposed ambergris fish and khomsa shapes. Two ornately decorated silver namli beads break-up the continuity of the ambergris sections of the chain.

Total Days of Manual Labor: 1
Handmade by 3 Artisans

Length: 64 cm / 25.20 in
Pendant Length: 4 cm / 1.57 in
Width: 4 cm / 1.57 in
Weight: 47.40 gm / 0.10 pounds

Materials Used: Ambergris; Silver 800;
Guarantee of silver authenticity
We are always striving to reduce our environmental footprint. For that reason, all the silver used in our products  is recycled from second hand silver crafts sourced locally from Tunisia. All Barka Store silver crafts are designed and handmade in Tunisia.
Product Code: 000111
Product Code: 000111
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