Twisted-Silver Fish Earrings
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These earrings are cut from silver in the shape a fish, a classic Tunisian symbol of water, life, an d fertility. Once a motif of traditional wedding ceremonies thought to bring the blessing of birth upon the bride and groom, the fish stands in for luck in the Barka lexicon. Master silversmith Fahd Nakache used twisted silver wire to adorn each of these earring with the braids, bows, and arcs characteristic of the arabesque aesthetic.
Total Days of Manual Labor: 20
Handmade by 3 Artisans

Length: 5.5 cm / 2.17 in
Width: 3.5 cm / 1.38 in
Weight: 36.80 gm / 0.08 pounds

Materials Used: Sterling Silver;
Guarantee of silver authenticity
We are always striving to reduce our environmental footprint. For that reason, all the silver used in our products  is recycled from second hand silver crafts sourced locally from Tunisia. All Barka Store silver crafts are designed and handmade in Tunisia.

Vous pourriez éviter de ternir votre bijou en argent en le portant souvent. Les huiles de votre corps aident à nettoyer l'argent et à maintenir sa brillance. Mais vous devriez aussi éviter de mettre en contact vos bijoux avec les produits de nettoyage, l'eau de javel, les lotions cosmétiques et parfums. Ces derniers contribuent à l'accélération du ternissement. 

Si votre argent a déjà été  terni, vous pourriez utiliser l'un de ces ingrédients:  le bicarbonate de sodium, la cendre froide, le citron, la pâte dentifrice, l'huile d'olive ou le jus de citron. 




Lemon: Dip a soft toothbrush in lemon juice and and rub the surface of your silver product.

Toothpaste: Clean your silver jewelrywith a rag or a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste.

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice: Mix a half cup of lemon juice with a tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl large enough to hold the cleaning solution and a microfiber rag. Soak the rag in the solution and ring it out so that it stop dripping, then polish the silver, and rinse and dry the piece




Product Code: 00014
Product Code: 00014
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