Handmade Statement

Our Master Silversmith Fraj, crafting a Rayhana Necklace

Each of our products has been handcrafted by one of our highly skilled artisans, which means that every item on our site carries the unique imprint of its maker with singular variations in size, color, and shape. It also means that our process is highly involved and can be very time-consuming. While some products take a half-day’s work to complete, others take up to 6 months of rigorous labor.

A dedicated agent of  the National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts certifies that each product we ship to you is handmade in Tunisia prior to dispatch.

If you would like to purchase an item that is sold out, we will gladly make you a new one. But please bear with us while we take the time and care needed to ensure that what you get is as perfectly conceived and realized as what you asked for. Also, please be aware that your product may not look exactly the same as the pictures on the site. Like all our products it will carry its own distinctive signature.