by Salma Bouzid

Humans of all times, races and regions have worked out ways to look presentable. From ancient times, this effort has involved cosmetics and ornaments made with precious stones and materials. However, this was not only considered as decorative but at the same time, the jewels and the colours represented deep meanings. Jewellery was worn by both the genders, it symbolized their culture, status, and emotions.

Today as we look around us, Jewellery has lost its meaning. Such ornaments are made by machines with cheap materials at low cost and are considered as disposable items. They often don’t last long and the owner does not feel any emotional connection with them. The low-cost jewellery items are found in fast fashion stores and are usually bought impulsively which reduces the chances of them being an item to be cherished to or kept as a fine memory. Such ornaments are usually substandard and are tossed or forgotten due to lack of emotional connection and no historical event to associate them with.

At Barka, we strongly believe that jewellery and ornaments are something to be cherished. As a family is tied in a tight and treasured knot, so are the ornaments that we possess should be something that we value all our lives. Ethical jewellery is not only something to be displayed but to be kept close as a commemoration of precious loved ones and valuable moments. Every piece that we make is uniquely hand made by thoughtful artisans who believe that it will be passed on to generations; The ethical jewellery is something that is not only cherished but also brings alive the happy moments that were lived in pure bliss.

Our skilful and brilliant artisans take the painstaking and extensive time on every single piece of jewellery to bring out the love, emotion, and beauty in it; both have to go through a process of moulding, facing the fire to reveal the real magnificence hidden inside. Every item is completely handmade which reflects the skill, dedication, and care of every artisan.