• Jasmine Bouquet ~ Ambergris Flower Bouquet ~ Tunisian Machmoum

Jasmine Bouquet ~ Ambergris Flower Bouquet ~ Tunisian Machmoum

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Tunisia’s 2011 uprising was famously called the Jasmine Revolution, but the gorgeous and irresistibly aromatic flower has been an important symbol of hope in the Maghreb for much longer. The small jasmine bouquet called a machmoum was given by young men in centuries past to women with whom they hoped to open courting rituals. The machmoum’s intoxicating smell is said to instill a serenity and interior richesse in the person who tucks it behind an ear. While Jasmine is no longer commonly used in serious romantic endeavors, machmoum-sellers still roam the boulevards of downtown Tunis and the seaside neighborhood of Sidi Bou Said offering their bouquets. It is with this darling piece of Tunisian cultural heritage in mind, that our jewelers have rendered the enchanting effect of the machmoum into a less ephemeral form. Delicate stems skillfully wrought from twisted silver wire have been topped with fragrant ambergris flowers. This graceful homage to Tunisian cultural heritage remains what the jasmine-machmoums were to the hopeful suitors of old--an invitation to the most foolish and beautiful dreams… Our machmoum comes in four bouquet sizes, the smallest of which can be worn as a brooch.


Product Details

Total Days of Manual Labor: 5

Handmade by 3 Artisans


  • Length: 13 cm
  • Width: 6.5 cm
  • Number of Ambergris beads: 21 Bead
  • Global Weight: 29 g
  • Color: Black

Materials Used: Ambergris; Silver 800;