• Red Coral Prayer 99 Beads
  • Red Coral Prayer 99 Beads

Red Coral Prayer 99 Beads

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About this Tasbeeh prayer piece made of 0,5 cm red coral beads finished with a red silk tassel. Akin to the rosary in the Catholic tradition, the chapelé is an emblem of devotion used by Muslims during prayer, particularly during the repetition of the verse of Subhana Allah. It's also common to use the beads during meditation by counting the beads. It has been treasured for centuries by Tunisian Muslims, and is considered by them to be the most precious natural "stone" . Tunisian Coral is often seeked by collectors, and each bead is quite costly.

There is a ban on harvesting new Mediterranean Red Coral, as the reefs have been greatly disturbed and are endangered, so we cannot offer new Red Coral.

All Coral that has been harvested is increasing in value, and is very precious, as it will not always be available once the harvested lots are sold. Our Coral has been slightly color enhanced to bring out the rich redness in the Coral. These beads are very lovely, round, and regular, and are stabilized to hold the color well. Please note that all real coral is inherently porous, and should not be considered a defect. Healing Properties: Coral: Protects and strengthens one's emotional foundation. It enables self-acceptance.

Complimentary Barka Store jewelry Box and a certificate of authenticity are included.

Product details


  • Length: 26,5 cm
  • Weight: 37,6 g
  • Number of Beads: 99
  • Diameter of the beads: 0,5 cm

Origin: Tunisia