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  • Silver Apple

Silver Apple

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The artistically created silver apple box is true representation of Tunisian antiquity and culture. The attractive silver containers were an asset to the brides who lovingly secured their jewels or makeup in them. The stylish silver box is imaginatively made by the Tunisian artisans who put all their effort and skill to bring forth the amazing traditional artistry as seen in the form of floral pattern and beautifully designed leaves. The elegant box is made by using the technique of repoussage which involves metalworking. The box is twisted open and gracefully parts from the center. The two silver leaves at the top are delicate yet strong enough so that the lid can be gripped and opened easily. The pattern over the container and the beautiful artistry is enough for it to be placed over a mantel piece or a table.

Total Days of Manual Labor: 8 Handmade by 4 Artisans

Dimensions :

  • Length: 10 cm
  • Width : 8 cm
  • Weight: 112.8 g
  • Dimension Base : 3 cm

Materials Used: Sterling Silver