• Silver Rose Water Sprinkler
  • Silver Rose Water Sprinkler

Silver Rose Water Sprinkler

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Tunisia is known to excel in its art of beautifully engraving patterns or hammering them onto metals to bring out exquisite products. These various vessels and ornaments are used to decorate houses and then passed onto next generation so that the traditions lives. The Tunisian people value their heritage. This march is a perfect example of beauty and tradition. It is used to anoint supplicants that enter the mosque; or filled with rosewater and presented to guests at special occasions. This vessel is made by using the lifelong technique of repousse’ and hammering. The gorgeous flowers make the vessel appealing to the eyes. The scaly pattern rising the top reaches the scented ambergris flowers delicately secured.

Total Days of Manual Labor: 8 Handmade by 4 Artisans

Dimensions :

  • Length: 35 cm
  • Width : 8 cm
  • Weight: 184.7 g
  • Base Dimension : 8 cm

Materials Used: Sterling Silver